Replacement Of Carbon Molecular Sieve In Nitrogen Making Machine

During the use of carbon molecular sieve, intoxication can be caused by improper operation maintenance. For example, early air purification is not equipped with processing equipment or equipment running ill, resulting in oil and water impurities directly entering the adsorption tower with air and adsorbed by carbon molecular sieve, resulting in poisoning. The analytical ability is severely damaged, and the nitrogen content and nitrogen purity of nitrogen making mechanism are greatly reduced. In addition, the nitrogen purity of the carbon molecular sieve will decrease obviously after a certain period of service, and it can not guarantee the use requirement. In this case, it is necessary to consider the replacement of carbon molecular sieve. PSA has been used in a large amount of nitrogen for more than 20 years in China, and many users reflect similar problems. 1. Reutilization: 1. as mentioned earlier, when the carbon molecular sieve is not properly operated, the processing capacity decreases. Special technicians give services to the scientific and effective redox treatment of morbid molecular sieves. Especially for the users of the nitrogen making machine. 2. the molecular sieves after redox treatment can reach the original level, or even exceed the original level. Two, the transformation of PSA nitrogen making machine: PSA nitrogen making machine has been developed for several decades. During this period, the production and quality of the carbon molecular sieve have been greatly increased. At the same time, the gas production, energy consumption and technological control level of PSA nitrogen making machine have also made great progress. Carbon molecular sieve is the core material of nitrogen making machine. With the continuous improvement of its quality, the technology of PSA nitrogen making machine of Zhejiang Yuanda air separation equipment Co., Ltd. has been improved greatly after a long time of improvement.