Purchase And Selection Of Nitrogen Making Machine

Before determining the specific specifications and specifications, that is, nitrogen output per hour, purity of nitrogen, outlet pressure and dew point, we should make a comprehensive comparative analysis of the performance and characteristics of nitrogen making machine, and make the right choice for our existing environmental conditions.

Nitrogen requirements in various industries

A metallurgy and metal processing industry

Some of these industries need nitrogen more than 99.5% of purity, and some require high quality nitrogen with purity of more than 99.9995% and dew point below -65 C.

B chemical industry and new materials industry

The purity of nitrogen is not high, and a lot of purity is more than 98%.

C food and pharmaceutical industry

The demand for nitrogen is not high in the food industry, and more than 98% of the purity of the food industry can meet the requirements, and the pharmaceutical industry usually requires a 99.99% purity of nitrogen.

D electronics industry

Nitrogen requirements are generally higher, usually 99.9% or 99.99%, and more than 99.99% of nitrogen.

The outlet pressure and flow rate of the nitrogen making machine depend on the requirements of the customers themselves. Each customer's production process and equipment size are different for the required nitrogen outlet pressure and flow rate. Customers need to choose a suitable export pressure and flow according to their own circumstances.

The comparison of various nitrogen making machines:

1, deep cold air separation nitrogen making machine

Cryogenic airseparation nitrogen nitrogen is a traditional method, has decades of history. It is made of air as raw material, compressed and purified, and then liquefied by heat exchange to liquefy the air. Liquid air is mainly a mixture of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen. The boiling point of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen is different (at 1 atmospheric pressure, the boiling point of the former is -183 C, the latter is -196 C), and the nitrogen is separated by liquid air distillation. The cryogenic air separation system has many advantages, such as complex nitrogen facilities, large area occupied, high capital construction cost, high investment in equipment, high running cost, slow gas production (12 ~ 24h), high installation requirement and long operation period, and the operation is rather complicated. Due to the factors of equipment, installation and capital construction, the investment scale of the 3500Nm3 / h device with the same specification PSA is 20% to 50% lower than that of the cryogenic air separation unit. The deep cold air separation plant is suitable for large-scale industrial nitrogen production, and the medium and small scale nitrogen making appears uneconomical.

2, pressure swing adsorption nitrogen making machine

Taking air as raw material and carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent, and using the principle of pressure swing adsorption, the method of separating nitrogen and oxygen from the selective adsorption of oxygen and nitrogen by carbon molecular sieve is commonly known as PSA nitrogen. This method is a new technology of nitrogen making, which developed rapidly in 70s. Compared with the traditional nitrogen method, it has simple process, high degree of automation, rapid gas production (15 ~ 30 minutes), low energy consumption, product purity in wide range can be adjusted according to user needs, convenient operation and maintenance, low operation cost, strong adaptability and other characteristics of device, it is quite in 1000Nm3 / h the following nitrogen equipment competitiveness, more and more small and medium-sized nitrogen users, PSA nitrogen has become the method of choice for small and medium-sized nitrogen users.

3. Membrane nitrogen making machine

Using air as raw materials, under the condition of a certain pressure, the gas utilization of oxygen and nitrogen in different nature of the permeation rate to different oxygen and nitrogen separation in the membrane. Compared with other nitrogen equipment it has simpler structure, smaller size, less maintenance, no switching valve, gas production faster (less than 3 minutes), has the advantages of convenient capacity, it is particularly suitable for the purity of nitrogen is less than or equal to 98% small and medium-sized nitrogen users have the best function price ratio. When the purity of nitrogen is above 98%, it is more than 15% higher than the same specification PSA nitrogen making machine, but the purity of the membrane nitrogen making machine is not high.