Notes For Choosing Oxygen Generator

Notes For Choosing Oxygen Generator

Date:Jun 03, 2019

Notes for choosing oxygen generator

1. To choose the type of oxygen generator with the output oxygen concentration reaching 90%, the oxygen production concentration can be detected by the instrument or the machine's own oxygen monitoring device.

2 oxygen machine noise level is best less than 45 decibels, oxygen machine is a long time working electrical appliances, the sound must not be too big, otherwise it will affect the rest of myself and others, especially in the night, so the work of the motor sound to small only good.

3. A good oxygen manufacturer should pass the ISO international and CE European quality system certification of oxygen (oxygen machine), pay attention to the oxygen machine to market in more than two years of brand, so as to have a better quality assurance and related certification.

4. Strong oxygen production capacity.A good compressor produces 1 increased oxygen concentration with 10-15 liters of air, while a common compressor produces 1 increased oxygen concentration with 27-30 liters of air.

5. Cumulative timing function.It can provide objective and accurate data for long-term maintenance and service in the future.The requirement of international standard oxygen generator is equipped with accumulative timer, which is the embodiment of product quality.Good oxygen generator service life to be able to ensure tens of thousands of hours.

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