How Do Psa Nitrogen Generators Work

How Do Psa Nitrogen Generators Work

Date:Oct 13, 2018

The nitrogen generator is a set of equipment capable of extracting nitrogen. Its main application fields are: aerospace, nuclear power nuclear energy, food and medicine, petrochemical, electronics industry, materials industry, national defense military and scientific experiments. The working principle of the PSA nitrogen generator is described below.

PSA pressure swing adsorption nitrogen. The difference in adsorption capacity between nitrogen and other gas molecules in the molecular sieve is used to form an accumulation of concentration differences, and high-purity nitrogen is produced at the end of the molecular sieve column. At the same time, two molecular sieve columns are used, and one of the adsorption products simultaneously extracts a part of the product gas for another analysis, thereby realizing the on-line regeneration of the molecular sieve, and the overall performance is that the instrument continuously outputs high-purity nitrogen. This type of generator can adjust the purity and flow rate of nitrogen according to the needs. Zui can produce 99.999% nitrogen products. The flow rate can range from several hundred milliliters to several tens of liters to several cubic meters per minute. The purity and flexibility can be configured according to each. Customized requirements,

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