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The principle of industrial nitrogen

Industrial nitrogen is mainly achieved by air separation.

There are three main methods of nitrogen:

Cold air separation method

Molecular sieve method

Film space separation method.

Cold air separation method

Principle and process of deep freeze air separation in the field of nitrogen is the most traditional, technology is the most mature one method. It will be compressed air into the cooling device, so that liquefaction, and then into the distillation column distillation, the low purity of oxygen condensed down, and produce high purity nitrogen, and finally into the heat exchanger to make it close to the ambient temperature The

Molecular sieve method

The basic principle of oxygen and nitrogen in the molecular sieve adsorbent microporous diffusion rate is different, when the air through the molecular sieve, the smaller diameter of the oxygen separation at a faster rate to the microporous diffusion, and was preferentially adsorbed by molecular sieve, leaving the diameter The larger nitrogen molecules are used by the user, and then the desorption method is used to release the oxygen-enriched components in the molecular sieve. Therefore, molecular sieve air separation method to be continuous production need to use two adsorption tank, switch use.

Film space separation method

Principle The compressed air is fed by the fiber tube feed of the hollow fiber membrane separator, and the separation driving force is the partial pressure difference between the component of the gas component and the outer chamber (permeate side) When the air flows along the surface of the hollow fiber cavity, the components penetrate into the filament under the pressure of their partial pressure. "Fast gas" such as oxygen H2O rapid penetration. So the wire outside (infiltration) gas flow for the enrichment of oxygen, the pressure of one atmosphere, was discharged into the atmosphere. The nitrogen and hydrogen dissolution rates are low, which determines their penetration through the membrane is slow, so the pipe (non-permeate side) gas flow is enriched nitrogen, nitrogen pressure loss is very small, the product nitrogen pressure is only slightly lower Pressure of raw material gas.

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Aug 12, 2017