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Advantage of YUANDA N2/O2 Generator

* Most reliable technology
* More advanced and more economical air separation modules. extremely low power consumption
* Simple engineering design, Less components = lower maintenance cost
* Automated Operation.
* Turn-key solution and pre-commissioned.
* Skid mounted design, easy installation.
* Durable Molecular Sieve and Steel Structures ensures longer life.
* We take the one-on-one service mode , one customer--one saler--one engineer forever set of N2/O2 Generator.

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1. Are you manufacturer or Trade Company?
We are the manufacturer of N2/O2 Generator, we have decades experience on Air separation.you can get a factory competitive price.

2. What's the order N2/O2 Generator  process?
a. Inquiry---provide us all clear requirements.
b. Quotation---make a detailed technical proposal with all clear specifications.
c. Negotiation --- process, space, technical communication, layout etc with CAD drawings.
d. Contract confirmation---provide correct contract details.
e. Payment terms--- T/T 30% in advanced, balanced before shipment.
f. Production---mass production
g. Shipping--- by sea, air or courier. Detailed picture of package will be provided.
h. Installation and commissioning

I. 365Dayd /24hours after sale Service

3. What terms of payment you use?
T/T, L/C etc.

4. What is the service life of the molecular sieve?

The service life of the molecular sieve depends on the quality of the intake compressed air. In case the recommended standards are kept, the sieve can be operated for up to 8 years and even considerably longer. 

5.What are the maintenance expenses for the PSA N2/O2 generators ?

In case of a use of 24 hours daily, the elements of the internal filter must be exchanged, in rotation, every six months. The valves must be exchanged every five years. The maintenance of air compressor are according to the recommendations of the air compressor manufacturer.

6.What are the key benefits of on-site N2/O2 generators compared to delivered gas?

1). You save up to 80% on the cost of the nitrogen or oxygen compared to buying  in bulk.

2). Payback is usually under 12 months, and the product has a typical lifetime over 10 years.

3). A constant supply is ensured: you never have to worry about a delivery not getting to you in time


4). Save space & minimize risk and handling errors: no need for gas bottles/liquid nitrogen tank in

the yard.

5). Simplify administration to save time & money with no weekly deliveries to manage.

6). Very low running costs: uses your compressed air supply.



7.Are PSA N2/O2 generators safe?

Yes. As the generator does not add or take anything away from the atmospheric air, you could have one running in a closed room with no change to the overall content of the atmosphere. They also negate the need to store and move potentially dangerous high pressure cylinders on site. 



8.Why don't more companies have N2/O2 generators ?

Traditionally, on-site gas generators were only economically viable in very large applications. With constant development, today's high efficiency products ensure that generators are economically viable for the smallest of applications, and an ever increasing number of companies are moving to generate their own nitrogen and oxygen. 



9.How does the PSA N2/O2 generators technology work?

The PSA technology is based on the adsorption principle: The nitrogen and oxygen molecules from the intake air are separated by a carbon molecular sieve. The nitrogen molecules penetrate the carbon during this process. They are transported by means of the compressed air from the downstream system tank. This is where the highly clean nitrogen is ready to use.


10.How to get a prompt quotation?

Do not hesitate to send us mail with the following data.

1) N2/O2 flow rate:    _____Nm3/hr

2) N2/O2 purity:     _____%

3) N2/O2 discharge pressure:    _____Bar

4) N2/O2  Outlet Dew Point: _____C

5) Your local Voltages and Frequency:   ______V/PH/HZ

6) N2/O2  Application_____

7) You local Sealevel_____M

With all above data, we can make a most suitable and correct proposal for you.

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