Please fill in the blank bellow according to user’s actual requirements for making suitable solution for GET PSA Nitrogen generator:

Company info


Contact name



Contact title






1 Current supply of N2

1,1 Current requirement for nitrogen       

Nm3 per year

(or)  scfh

1.2 Price of current N2 supply


1.3 Price of Electric Power


2 Performances required by user

2.1 N2 flow rate                          


(or)  scfh

2.2 N2 purpose &application                   

(or) mini oxygen volume

2.3 N2 purity ( % )           

2.4 Delivery pressure                     


 (or) psig:

2.5 Dew point                              


(or) ppm (moisture)

2.6 Fabrication standards                 

Chinese standard acceptable

(or) ASME

3 Condition of Atmosphere &Utility for equipment installation

3.1 Hazardous Area Class                 

(or) Non-hazardous area

3.2 Site attitude/elevation                 

   Meters(above sea level)

3.3 Voltage available                      

Hz,   v,  1 phase

Hz,   v,  3 phase

3.4 Operation time

Hours per day,  Days per week

3.5 Installation location

3.6 Restriction of space for installation or not

If yes space available (L*W*H, meters)

3.7 Ambient Condition                    

Min/Max ambient temperature


4 Scope of supply

4.1 Basic compositions of the N2 system

1) Air compressor

2) Dryer

3) Filters

4) Air receiver (air buffer tank)

5) Nitrogen receiver (N2 buffer tank)


Required or not

Required or not

Required or not

Required or not

Required or not

4.2 Site On-site Startup, Commissioning, installation supervision& Training

Required or not

4.3 FOB or CIF price

5 Other supplements or requirements: 

5.1 Cylinder filling system required or not. (if yes, cylinder number to fill per day?)

5.2 HMI displayable control panel required or not.

5.3 Other requirements.