PSA Nitrogen Generator Purity 99.9%

PSA Nitrogen Generator Purity 99.9%

Psa Nitrogen Generator, Nitrogen Generator Equipment, Psa N2 Nitrogen Generator manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Psa Nitrogen Generator Purity 99.9%, Psa Nitrogen Generator Dryer Purify 99%, Hot Sale Psa Nitrogen Generator Machine for Sale, Purify: 99.99% and so on.

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PSA Technology (up to 99.9995% purity)

PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) Technology is a safe and reliable method for generating high purity Nitrogen gas on location for labs and a variety of industries requiring N2 in their applications. PSA Generators:

  • Can supply anywhere from 5 to 8000Nm3/h of continuous Nitrogen product, depending on the model

  • Are an efficient, energy saving technology

  • Result in high purity Nitrogen up to 99.9995%

For a more detailed explanation of the PSA process for use in Nitrogen Generators, please refer to our PSA Presentation:

What Is PSA Technology?

PSA Generators use a Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) material inside a vessel that becomes pressurized with air. The O2, CO2, CO and other molecules from the air are captured in the CMS while the N2 molecules are drawn off into a Nitrogen receiving tank. The O2, CO2, CO and other molecules are flushed from the CMS by depressuring the sieve bed and the vessel is ready for new air to be introduced.

PSA Technology is used in many of our N2 Series Nitrogen Generators

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Why choose YUANDA PSA nitrogen generator ?


Technical Features

1). Imported pneumatic valves, using life is more than 3 million times;

2). Siemens PLC Intelligent program controller, easy and stable operation;

3). Specific inert ceramic balls diffusion technology makes airflow distribution evenly; improve the adsorption efficiency for adsorbent;

4). Self-force cylinder compress device (Patent No.: ZL-200820168079.9) to protect the using life of the carbon molecular sieve;

5.) Original centrifugal vibration Filling (Patent No.: ZL-200820168078.4) effectively ensure the maximum filling volume.

1) Purity: 95-99.9999%
2) Capacity: 5-8000Nm3/h
3) Pressure out: 0-0.8Mpa (1.0~15.0MPa is also available)
4) Dew point: -45 degree-- -70

How to get a prompt quotation?

Do not hesitate to send us mail with the following data.

1) N2 flow rate:    _____Nm3/hr

2) N2 purity:     _____%

3) N2 discharge pressure:    _____Bar

4) Voltages and Frequency:   ______V/PH/HZ

5) Nitrogen Application.

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