Oxygen Filling Package

Oxygen Filling Package
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KOB PSA Oxygen Generator Oxygen Package Device
Working Process:
(See following flow Chart) The raw air compressed by compressor into the purification system to remove large amount of oil and water, then into PSA oxygen generator system for nitrogen removal, the oxygen then into the oxygen buffer tank and then pressurized by the oxygen booster to rated pressure for preparation of final oxygen package device, package row have two lines, one in work, the other is standby to ensure a continuous package work.
Technical Features
+ Imported pneumatic valves, using life is more than 3 million times;
+ SIEMENS PLC Intelligent program controller, easy and stable operation;
+ Automatic control, stable performance, easy operation.
+ Instant start & stop, able to control the number of filled bottles, saving energy.
Technical Data
+ Oxygen Output: 90Nm3/h
+ Oxygen Purity: 95%
+ Oxygen Pressure: 15.0MPa
+ Dew Point: ≤-45℃