Heated Adsorption Air Dryer price

Heated Adsorption Air Dryer price

Adsorption Air Dryer, Air Pump, Air Dryer manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Heated Adsorption Air Dryer (ZBH-40HP), One Stage Oil-Lubricated Reciprocating Belt Drive Air Compressor (WB-0.90), Air Cooled Refrigerated Air Dryer (LW-20AC) and so on.

product details

  • Working principle 

  • Absorb the thermal regenerative and non-thermal regenerative 

  • dryer, the regeneration gas at high temperature regenerate the desiccant and 

  • improve the regeneration effect and reduce gas consumption.

  • advantages of 

  • Technical Features 

  • + Imported PLC intelligent controller, stable and reliable.

  • + Flange filling mouth, easy replacement. 

  • + Unique endoscopy design, easy supervise for operation. 

  • + Advanced pneumatic valve ensure more than one million times 

  • of continuous use . 

  • + Special airflow diffuser to ensure the using life of the desiccant.

  • Technical Data

  • +  Working  Pressure:  0.4~1.0MPa(1.0~3.0MPa is available)

  • +  Dew  Point: -40℃(-40℃~-73℃MPa is available)

  • +  Inlet  Air  Temperature: ≤50℃

  • +  Regeneration  Gas  Consumption:≤4~6%

  • + Pressure Loss:≤0. 02MP

  • + Operating cycle : 120~240 min

Product Description
Stable consistent air outlet pressure dew point
1. Reasonable simplified design, to ensure the compressed air and desiccantcontact time is 4.8 seconds, satisfy the requirement of the finished air dew point requirement; 
2. Desiccant dryer 30% remaining amount, with the compensation of natural aging, to ensure that the dry effect; 
3. Large diffuser, ensure the airfloe pass the desiccant layer uniformly, eliminate the phenomenon of channel flow. 
Regeneration air loss is less than 12%
Excellent machine barrel design, save 95%of the adsorption heat, storing heat used to increse the regeneration stage air-regeneration temperature, imorove the absorbing ability of the equipment, makes the regeneration thorough. 

Using butterfly valve and reliable program controllor which can be auto timing and auto switching, works stable and reliable, unacted by electric net, pressure and electric field. 
Non basament, easy waving. 

Working Theory
Heatless regeneration adsorption type compressed air dryer is the use of desiccant material itsalf unique microporous, according to the capillary action of water molecules in the air, at the same time according to the pressure relief to desorp waste heat to heating up to take off the adsorption moisture. The air dryer made from twin tube form, under the program controller controlling, the two tubes work in turn, one tube adsorp the moisture, another off adsorption to regeneration, continuous cycle to work. 

Company Information
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Yuanda provide high quality produces and services for generall industrials, manufacture industrials electricity, architecture, mining, energy, ect, our service network composed of distributors and agencies assigned by local subsidiaries, they are providing perfect services for Yuanda's customers from all over the world. 

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