Air Cooled Aftercooler for Compressed Air

Air Cooled Aftercooler for Compressed Air

After Cooler, Compresser, Air Filter manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Air Cooled Aftercooler for Compressed Air , Refrigeration Dryer,water oil Separator and so on.

product details

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:KAB

  • Trademark: YDGET

  • Specification:SET

Product Description

Flow rang(nm3/min): 1--56
Power supply(v/hz): 220/50--380/50
Power(w): 120--1500
Air connection(mm): Dn20(g3/4''): --dn100(f4)
Dimension(mm): L 600--1680(mm)
W 400--750(mm)
H 800--1860(mm)

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YDGET have a range of PSA nitrogen & oxygen generators, membrane nitrogen & oxygen generators, nitrogen purification systems etc, and are widely used in industries of petroleum, oil & gas, chemicals, electronics, metallurgy, coals, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, autos, glass, plastics, food, medical treatment, grain, etc. With years research in air separation technology and rich solution experiences in various industries, YDGET sticks to providing our clients with more reliable, more economical, more convenient professional gas solutions.

We have an experienced professional team always ready to be at your service. The sales engineers carefully analyze your specified requirements and offer suitable solutions for you. The after-sale service system guarantees swift response to your problems within 24 hours and their resolutions in the shortest time. YDGET is responsible for after-sales services to nitrogen/oxygen generators and other related equipment offered by us.

YDGET is dedicated to supplying with our customers with more reliable, more economical and more convenient air separation solutions and professional service. 

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